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Are you curious about the meaning of G-Spud? 

Let’s go back to May 2014... 


Géraldine, a young and dynamic woman, noticed very little differences amongst the many quick & healthy restaurants in Brussels. The offer often seemed the same. 


She remembered from her trips around the world, how popular baked potato restaurants were. A concept that had not yet been developed in Belgium. She immediately saw an opportunity and decided to create her own concept of healthy baked potatoes... with the following name in mind: G-Spud, G for Géraldine and Spud is English dialect for potato! 


Géraldine has a lot of energy, but she didn’t want to do this amazing project on her own. So she convinced her husband-to-be to launch the project with her. Together, they are fully dedicated to develop G-Spud into a NEW, FRESH and HEALTHY food concept in Belgium.


To be continued...  

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